They didn’t die. They left.

64.9 million years ago, the earth was ruled by dinosaurs — a species far more advanced than their fossil record would ever reveal. Leveraging the power of lava as their primary fuel source, the dinosaurs’ civilization grew unchecked for millions of years. That is, until the Black Blood arrived …

"Rexodus: Volume One" was published by Dark Horse Comics and is available here on Amazon.

We didn't stop there – in 2016, we released a VR Experience for Rexodus on the Oculus DK2, which lived on the front page for months. You can find and download that experience on Steam. If you like dinosaurs … in space … with guns … you'll love this.


Project Yellow Sphere

AKA PAC-MAN – a fan film.

PAC-MAN The Movie is an original production of Steelehouse Productions. It was originally released on Machinima in April 2012. The feature length version of this film has been developed and is waiting for Namco Bandai to give us the rights and a studio with the stones to produce it. The fan film was choosen as a Vimeo Staff pick when it was released. 

Disclaimer: PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film) and its associated trailers are fan-made shorts created to celebrate the awesomeness that is (and will always be) PAC-MAN. These videos are not affiliated with Namco Bandai, and in no way represent their original work. 


The Sky High City of Steampuff

It's like Bioshock meets Transformers for kids.

The Sky High City of Steampuff is a floating island hidden amongst the clouds. When Steampuff's architect, Haephestus Von Toot (who has been charged with keeping the world of Steampuff aloft) is suddenly kidnapped by the robotic Killamari, it’s up to his only son Victor to rescue him.

What started as an animated microseries evolved into the Virtual Reality space. Steelehouse created a wave shooter for the HTC Vive based on the fighting hordes of robots invented by Steampuff antagonist Phinnegan Tentalus. While not directly part of the Steampuff storyline, this game exists within the universe and demonstrates how powerfully this new medium can translate and enhance a brand for its audience.

You can watch the first 3 episodes of Steampuff above, and if you have a VR setup, you can purchase Phinnegan's Factory on Steam or Oculus.

Learn more about Steampuff: Phinnegan's Factory on the website –