What we do is simple, but not easy. 

Since 1999, Steelehouse has provided creative, live action, motion design, and animation services to studios, advertising agencies, and corporations throughout the world. In addition, Steelehouse is active in the creative development of intellectual properties (IPs) in the form of narrative entertainment. With the emergence of high quality and scalable virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, Steelehouse has launched Steelehouse VR Studios to fully leverage the incredible power of this immersive medium.

Whether it’s a new idea, an ancient truth, or a solution for sale, our team of storytellers and visual artists use the power of story and compelling visuals to move people. We create content that turns ideas into passionate movements, converts audiences into raving fans, and places products and services off the shelves and into customers' hands.

So, welcome to Steelehouse VR Studios!  A new development so profound it deserves its own identity within the Steelehouse family. We are excited about the present possibilities and future of this new medium. Our experience and capabilities grow daily. This site will feature and document our journey into the brave new world of virtual reality.

If you are interested in how VR can help you, then contact us and let’s get moving!